Incremental Reader - a Chrome plugin

Incremental reading is a technique to help retain information you've read. The idea is to read small chunks at a time, pull out the relevant ideas, condense them into small memorable chunks of information, and move the information into a spaced repetition system.

For a more in-depth look, check out this article on wikipedia:

I'm currently working on building a Chrome plugin that will aid in incremental reading on the web.  The plugin will be loosely based on the method outlined in the wiki article and will include more of my own strategies for learning and retaining information.

Currently the plugin is in an early alpha state.  It's only part functional at the moment, it's more like a small storage area for temporary bookmarks.  As it's still in early alpha, I've only released the source on GitHub for developers.

Incremental Reader on GitHub

This project page is in a bit of an alpha stage as well.  Check back later and I'll be updating with more details and how to install the plugin once it's released.


  • Refactor, add unit tests
  • Create proper feature list & roadmap