Ludum Dare 28 – Make a game in 48 hours

Ludum Dare is an event where people all around the world attempt to make a game in 48 hours, based on a theme voted on and announced at the start of the competition. There are no prizes, it’s more of a challenge to generate ideas and get people to make games.

I’ve wanted to participate in Ludum Dare for a couple years now and it just happened to fall on a completely free weekend for me this time, so I made my first HTML5 game.

Well, I consider it a prototype at this point. I used an HTML5 framework called Phaser, which I’ve had my eye on for awhile but haven’t worked with before. I spent a ton of time learning the framework through the excellent documentation and examples on the Phaser website.

I feel it was a success as now I have a working game prototype, instead of just a vague idea in my head. There is plenty of work to do but I feel it was definitely a worthwhile way to blow a weekend.

Check out my entry on the Ludum Dare website here:


P.S. – I’m running off about 10 hours of sleep over the weekend, please excuse the rambling nature of this post.