Five minute writing sprint

So you’re sitting around, you finally have a moment to focus on your website and you think, “I need to get some more content up here”.

You don’t have the budget to hire a writer or a marketing expert to help write your content so instead you write everything yourself.

You sit down but your mind is blank, you expect yourself to write the next most viral content the web has ever seen, making your business blow up, wherein you become a billionaire philanthropist and spend the rest of your life making the world a better place.

But you still have no idea how to start.

I propose a five minute writing sprint.

Sit down, get a timer, use your phone or the classic kitchen timer for added dramatic effect, set it for five minutes and go.

But I still have no idea what to write you say!

Stop! No backspace key allowed. Write whatever is in your head in the moment.

Imagine this:

You start your timer and realize you really should have hit the restroom before you started, well, suck it up, it’s only five minutes.

Start by writing that.

Once your fingers start relentlessly pounding on the keyboard and you command them keep going, the ideas will start pouring out of your brain. Some will be terrible, some will be great, some you will have no idea where they came from. This is the beauty of the 5 minute writing sprint.

As you’re writing, new ideas start popping into your head and you start to get into a deeper flow. Your timer all of the sudden goes off, but it feels like you’ve only been writing for 30 seconds, so you keep going.

If you are having trouble, use the five minute writing sprint to get started and you’ll be amazed with what you come up with.

Don’t worry about editing, that will come easily once you’re done.

Writing as fast as you can will kill your inner critic and help you spew out as many ideas as you can, eventually you might run out of gas, but I bet it will take longer than you realize.

You may write things in a crazy random order. Ideas may come to you in the wrong order. Just keep writing, that is what editing is for. We’re just here to work out ideas and a general outline for the first run through.

Afterwards you may have one complete article, or 5 separate ideas for articles to write. You can expand on these with additional 5 minute sprints or just write normally.

The point is to get started. Half the battle is just opening up your writing environment and go go going. If you notice yourself slowing down to think just start jamming the keyboard fast and without regard.

After all, all you need are words, that you turn into sentences, that you turn into paragraphs, that you turn into sections, that you turn into articles.

If you already have an idea, or if you’re starting round two you can just start freestyle writing on your idea with an outline. ¬†An outline will help you keep some semblance of structure and keep things readable. You may even find that writing with an outline will give you one shot articles. Great, interesting and fun articles that you’ve written in no time.

If you’re a small business owner and you can’t afford a writer or content creator this may be the best piece of advice for you. Anyone can write, and the more you write the more you’ll figure it out. The more things you try the more you learn what works.