interesting stuff

Stuff I found Interesting (July 2014)

The Graphing Calculator Story – This is an awesome talk about a couple software developers that didn’t give up after their project was cancelled.

Hacks for dealing with specificity [in CSS] – Did you know you can chain a selector with itself to increase specificity? This could definitely come in handy for quick fixes or systems that you don’t have complete control over.

Things I didn’t know about CSS – The previous tip and more are discussed in the video linked on this page.

NoJS experiment – An experiment also mentioned in the previous link. The experiment is completely HTML & CSS- no JavaScript in sight.

Stuff I found Interesting (June 2014)

An interesting article about ‘The Scroll Up Bar‘, a navigation trend on the web that has recently been becoming more popular. I’m a fan of this style as it really helps save some valuable screen space when browsing on devices.

Defensive BASH Programming – A load of techniques for BASH programming. I picked up a few good tips for cleaning up some BASH scripts I’ve written.

One Top Quest – A surprisingly entertaining web game considering how simple it is.

JSNice – A neat JavaScript deobfuscatator that uses statistical renaming of variables and attempts to guess type annotations. From the few examples I tried it seemed to do a decent job of making obfuscated code readable.

Human JavaScript – free online book about building browser apps.

What I found interesting this week (May 18th 2014)

WTF? Forms – A nice bit of css for some common form controls.

Digging, Debugging – This talk is loaded with great tips on debugging with Chrome devtools.

CCNA Training Videos – 88 videos covering CCNA training, crowd funded through Kickstarter and now available to stream free on YouTube.

Littlewargame – HTML5 rts game, amazing performance for an HTML5 game.

And there’s this: Cats and Dogs dressed as people, 100 years ago.

What I found interesting this week (May 11th, 2014)

Interesting things I read/watched/listened to on the web this week.

Everything is about execution. Dreams and visions are free. Implementation takes place in the real world where friction and inefficiencies exist.

A great answer on quora on life lessons.

While playing guitar I remembered an old site I learned quite a bit from: Unfortunately it’s no longer around anymore. However, it’s still available on archive.og.

Found – A great well organized and easy to navigate reference guide for web api’s. Much easier to find and browse information than most of the official specs.

Watched this very funny animated short: Johnny Express

Feast your eyes on a live hd view of the Earth from the ISS.