September 2013

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Incremental Reader – a Chrome plugin

Incremental reading is a technique to help retain information you’ve read. The idea is to read small chunks at a time, pull out the relevant ideas, condense them into small memorable chunks of information, and move the information into a spaced repetition system.

For a more in-depth look, check out this article on wikipedia:

I’m currently working on building a Chrome plugin that will aid in incremental reading on the web.  The plugin will be loosely based on the method outlined in the wiki article and will include more of my own strategies for learning and retaining information.

Currently the plugin is in an early alpha state.  It’s only part functional at the moment, it’s more like a small storage area for temporary bookmarks.  As it’s still in early alpha, I’ve only released the source on GitHub for developers.

Incremental Reader on GitHub

This project page is in a bit of an alpha stage as well.  Check back later and I’ll be updating with more details and how to install the plugin once it’s released.


  • Refactor, add unit tests
  • Create proper feature list & roadmap

Inaugural Blog Post


I need a post to get going here, so here it is!

I am a freelance web developer currently residing in Kansas City, MO.  My main strength is in development (programming, server management, etc) but I’m also an aspiring designer, video editor, occasional furniture builder and closet musician.

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of work with WordPress and Drupal installs and I’ve been playing around with Laravel, functional programming, and interactive web programming.  I’ve been using both CMS systems for years for projects but recently decided to start tearing them apart and putting them back together in order to get a more intimate knowledge of all their little inner workings.  They aren’t always the best tools for every job, sometimes they can be a little bloated, but they do make rapid deployment simple.

I also recently took a great functional programming class on Coursera and I regularly participate in classes there.  If you couldn’t tell by now I love learning new things-I have a voracious appetite for knowledge.

The last year and a half or so I’ve also been learning and experimenting with search engine optimization and content marketing strategies-helping businesses grow their online presence.   I like to write and I also find web marketing fascinating.  Most recently I helped develop a content development strategy for Ally Construction and managed to get their website ranked on the first page of Google for many local search terms.

I plan to share what I’ve learned, what I’m learning, and anything else I find around the web worth sharing. So stay tuned.

Looking for some web development help?  I’d love to help out-no commitments required. Shoot me an email at

Red-Headed Philosopher Coffee Screenshot

Red-Headed Philosopher Coffee

“Cory is a creative web designer that can design you a unique and catchy website. He delivers excellent results at a reasonable cost.” – Steven Webb, co-founder of Red-Headed Philosopher Coffee

Red-Headed Philosopher Coffee is a local Kansas City specialty coffee roasting company. After winning a local coffee roasting competition and becoming a local sensation, Steve from Red-Headed Philosopher Coffee was excited to get his products on the web so his customers could order direct from him and keep up to date with available products. I created a logo based on Steve’s specifications and completely designed the visual look of the website. We decided on using the WordPress content management system to enable him to keep the site updated himself. I also provide support for the site and search engine marketing consultations on a regular basis.